Member-Owned Financial Cooperative

Brentwood Baptist Church Federal Credit Union (BBCFCU) is a member-owned financial cooperative.  We exist solely to serve our members with savings, loan products and services. When you open an account, you become a member and owner of the credit union. Each year, the members elect a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors are also members of the credit union who volunteer their time to help ensure that the credit union is serving its members.

Our Mission

Brentwood Baptist Church Federal Credit Union (BBCFCU) is a not-for- profit financial institution.

  • Providing a safe place to save and borrow at competitive rates;
  • Being service-oriented and member focused;
  • Treating all members fairly;
  • Valuing faith and beliefs of our members,
    staff  and volunteers; and 
  • Teaching our youth the importance of saving
    at an early age..

2018-2019 Board Members

Raymond Ardoin, Chairman
Kay Rosebure, Treasurer/Vice-Chair
Jewel Hunter, Secretary
Tracey Richardson, Marketing
Annette Joubert, Supervisor Committee Chairperson
Kathy Herrington, Membership

Executive Committee

Dr. Joe Samuel Ratliff
Paul Jefferson
Raymond Ardoin